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Pillow Shams

Standard Pillow Shams:

$30 – 1 standard front only
$50 – 2 standard fronts only

$60 – 1 standard finished
$100 – 2 standard finished

King Pillow Shams:

$40 – 1 king front only
$75 – 2 king fronts only

$80 – 1 king finished
$150 – 2 kings finished

Adding matching pillow shams to your order is easy! The best way for me to create quilted shams is to do it directly after your quilt has been quilted and is still on the frame. This way, the shams will be guaranteed to have the same pattern size and spacing as the rest of the quilt. I can create the entire set of shams for you, or I can quilt just the front so you can finish them yourself.

To create matching quilted pillow shams, I will need extra fabric and batting. Scroll down to see how to measure your fabric and batting. 

To calculate the fabric and batting you will need for making pillow shams, follow these steps. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me with your questions at

  1. For the front of the shams, you will need basically 1.5 extra yards of backing, 1.5 extra yard of batting, and 1.5 yards of your matching fabric to make two sham fronts.

    To be specific, the front of the sham fronts needs to be 23″ x 29″ for standard or 23″ x 36″ for king, which includes the seam allowance. Batting and backing margins should be the same as the quilt top would be. The batting needs to be 3″ more on every side (29″x35″ standard, 29″x42″ king). The back of the sham fronts need to be 4″ more on each side (31″x37″ standard, 31″x44″)

If you want me just to quilt the sham fronts so that you can finish them yourself, then the above information is all you need to calculate the fabric and batting needed.

NOTE: You can send me a pieced rectangle in the above measurements to use for each of your sham fronts (like a matching block or two). 23″x29″ for standard or 23″x36″ for king. Just remember in your design that there is a 2″ flange sewn around the edge of the pillow sham, and I will need a 1/2″ seam allowance on the outside. (See the pictures above.)

2. For the back of the shams, if you want me to complete the shams for you, you will need to send the above sham top fabric, batting, and backing, PLUS about 1 more yard of coordinating fabric for the back of the sham. 

The finished shams are made with a pocket closure in the back and a 2-inch flange around the edge. The front is the quilted part. The back is unquilted matching fabric.

To be specific, you will need at least 29″ x 25″ rectangle for each standard sham back, and at least 23″ x 40″ rectangle for each king sham back. The sham back is made with a pocket enclosure and will be cut in half and hemmed, so that’s why the back’s width is larger than the top’s width. Take note of the diagram below.

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