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Start Your Order

You may use this order form, or if you prefer, you may call Rebekah at (907) 521-0316 to place your order verbally.  Since we will need the same information from you, before you call, feel free to explore this order form with or without submitting it at the end.

Please provide a name and description of the quilt top.  This will ensure if a tag gets separated from the quilt that I can locate the matching quilt quickly.  Please include colors, block types, pattern name, or any descriptive language that will help me keep the right tag with the right quilt top.  You may also upload a photo of your quilt.

A name is not required, but I will give your quilt a name even if you don’t, and that will become the name of this job.

Measure Your Quilt

Length:  Inches on the long side.  The length needs to be 40″ or more in order to load onto the longarm machine properly.  

Width:  Inches on the short side.  My frame will load a quilt that is 120″ or less on one side.   The length may be longer.

Please note:  You must provide your own backing which must be at least 4″ larger on ALL sides than the quilt top. (That’s 8″ longer than the total length, and 8″ wider than the total width.)  The price is calculated according to your quilt top size, not the backing. My frame will accommodate a 128″ backing.

square inches

Choose your quilt pattern:

Browse through the quilt design patterns, then select your choice below.

Gallery not found.

Choose Your Thread Color

These are general color families.  Rebekah will find the best thread color from your chosen color family to blend with your quilt top.  Please leave additional comments for any specific instruction about the thread colors.  

  • Rebekah uses only Glide quilting thread.
  • The thread is included in the base quilting price.
  • At this time, variegated colors are not available.

Pillow Sham Options

Adding matching pillow shams to your order is easy! The best way for me to create quilted shams is to do it directly after your quilt has been quilted and is still on the frame. This way, the shams will be guaranteed to have the same pattern size and spacing as the rest of the quilt. I can create the entire set of shams for you, or I can quilt just the front so you can finish them yourself.  Click Here for instructions on how to calculate the needed fabric, batting, and backing.


More Options:

Let’s add some more options to bring your project to the next level!

  • Extra Layer of Batting – $30
    All quilts are quilted with 1 layer of Warm or Hobbs 100% cotton batting.  I can add a second layer for extra warmth and fluffiness.
  • Rush Order – $50
    Normal turn-around time is 4 weeks.  If you need it faster, you may click here for priority placing and a 10-day turn-around from the date your quilt is received to when I ship it back to you.
  • Machine Binding – $0.25 per linear inch
    Be sure to include the binding fabric when you send in your quilt.
  • Hand Binding – $0.50 per linear inch
    Be sure to include the binding fabric when you send in your quilt.  Please allow for an additional 2 weeks for hand binding jobs.
  • Trim Edges – $10
    If you do not wish to have me bind your quilt, I can neatly trim the edges of your quilt and return the excess fabric back to you if you wish.  Otherwise I will just leave the edges as-is after quilting.




*There will be a flat shipping rate of $85 added to your invoice after you submit your order unless you are a local customer who will be dropping off your quilt.


Finish Your Order

 If you are ready to send in your order….

  1. Review the Shipping Check List below.
  2. Select your preferred method of communication. 
  3. Let me know if you have any other instructions for your project.
  4. Please read through the terms and conditions. 
  5. Please submit your shipping address on the next page.


Shipping Checklist:

Please be sure to include the following in your package.

  • Your Quilt Top.  The most important part!
  • Your Backing.  8″ longer and 8″ wider than the quilt top.
  • Binding Material if you opted for machine or hand binding.
    • At this time, I accept only cotton fabric for binding.   Thank you for understanding.
  • All threads must be trimmed.
  • Quilt top and backing must be flat and well pressed.
    • At this time, I cannot accept quilt tops with embroidery, embellishments, loose fabric, or other obstacles to the continuous sewing.  Appliqued designs will be stitched over just as the rest of the quilt.
  • If the quilt top or backing is directional, please indicate with a pinned note.  While I make every attempt to center the backing, I cannot guarantee that it will be perfectly centered.

** If you are located near Palmer,  Alaska, you may contact me at (907) 521-0316 to arrange a drop-off time.  You will still need to complete your order here and receive an Intake Number to attach to your quilt top and backing.

Payment & Shipping

Click “Submit Form”.   Rebekah will contact you within 24 hours, and you will receive an invoice and instructions for payment.  I can accept cash and personal checks, but I will wait to start the project until the check clears the bank. I can also send an invoice via PayPal for you to pay online. I am in the process of updating my payment processor, so keep checking back for updates on the website.

After payment is received, you will receive an “Intake Number”. This number MUST be visible on the outside of your package before it will be accepted the time of delivery.  Packages without this number will not be opened and will be returned to sender.

Address your package as follows:

Forget-Me-Not Quilting
attn: Quilt Intake # XXXXX
4281 S. Old Glenn Hwy.
Palmer, AK 99645

Submitting Order …. 
This may take a minute or two, and you will be directed to an order summary. Contact me HERE if you have problems with submitting this form.

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