Terms and Conditions

Forget-Me-Not Quilting will treat your quilt as our own, exercising high standards of care and service.  We want you to be happy with your quilting design.  Please go through the checklist to be sure you have done everything necessary to enable me to do the best job possible with your quilt.  Please understand that machine quilting will not “fix” fullness, puckering, poor sewing, inadequate seam allowance, improperly measured borders, or the squareness of the quilt.

1. In order to properly load your quilt onto the long arm quilting machine, your backing must be a minimum of 4” larger on ALL sides than the pieced quilt top. (That’s 8” longer than the total length, and 8” wider than the total width.)  Maximum width for my machine is 124”. 

2. All threads must be trimmed.

3. Quilt top and backing must be flat and well pressed.  At this time, we cannot accept quilt tops with embroidery, embellishments, loose fabric, or other obstacles to the continuous sewing.  Appliqued designs will be stitched over just as the rest of the quilt.

4. If the quilt top or backing is directional, please indicate with a pinned note.  While we will make every attempt to center the backing, we cannot guarantee that it will be perfectly centered.

Customers will be asked to signify they have read and agree to this Service Authorization:

“I hereby authorize Forget-Me-Not Quilting to perform the long arm machine quilting listed above to be done to my quilt.  I understand that I am financially responsible for the cost of services rendered by Forget-Me-Not Quilting and for all the materials used in this process.  I further understand that Forget-Me-Not Quilting is not responsible for any damages to the quilt by any cause that is beyond their control, including but not limited to flood, fire, theft, or mechanical failure.  If the quilt is displayed in a show or publication, you agree to credit the machine quilting to Forget-Me-Not Quilting.”

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