About Me

Rebekah Schrepfer is a preacher’s wife who lives in Palmer, AK with her husband and four teenage children. She has been a quilter for 16 years and enjoys all the parts of quilting!

Her longarm machine is an APQS Millie 30, and she utilizes the QuiltPath automated quilting machine and software.

My Story

The idea struck me when I was a young mother just learning how to quilt. I only had a small Singer sewing machine and a very limited budget. The king-sized log cabin quilt top was finished, but I had no way to quilt it the way I had envisioned.

There were local shops who would rent out a longarm machine by the hour, but that was way out of my budget. I looked into sending it out to be machine quilted, but that was out of reach too.

My story is common to many beginner quilters. Unfortunately, I never did find a way to have my quilt finished on a longarm. I proceeded to hand quilt the entire thing which took me the better part of two years. It is a precious heirloom now that holds many memories.

It is a goal of mine to make every effort to help quilters of all skill levels bring their quilts to the next level with a professional, beautiful quilt design at a reasonable price.

Quilts are heirlooms. Special gifts of love that deserve to be cherished and remembered. Whether they are simple or intricate, they carry the personality of the gift and the giver.

And as the years go by, the quilt loses its novelty, and it becomes a comfortable friend, a soft and sacred part of the home. The maker may pass away, and more trendy threads take prominence. But that beloved quilt still whispers…

… forget me not.

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